Wing Chun gung-fu is an advanced and highly effective method of self defense, founded more that 300 years ago by Ng Mui, a Buddhist nun and developed further by Yim Wing Chun (which is why the system bears her name). The system includes three forms, one wooden dummy form, the butterfly swords, the 6 and one half point long staff, and the chi sao (sticky hands) training method unique to Wing Chun. Chi Sao helps develop self confidence, aggressiveness, trapping attacks, motion control, flow, power, feeling, timing, and distance, as well as mastery over the techniques. When practiced correctly, this system will lead to balanced development of the 3 aspects: physical, mental and spiritual.

Instuctor D’Antonio began his Wing Chun training learning from the best in New York City, Sifu Jose Grados.   Studying for more than ten years, he has learned a very unique style of Wing Chun; not only learning from a traditional point of view but a very effective style of fighting without straying from the concepts of Wing Chun.
Practical applications from the forms, various drills to enhance speed, accuracy and structure, Chi Gung, Chi Sao (sticking hands) and sparring are just some of the things he will be teaching. Whether you want to learn traditionally or combat self defense, this is the class for you. Excellent for women. No experience necessary.

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